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GodzRan Online Episode 7

GodzRan Online Episode 7
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 Levelling Guide

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PostSubject: Levelling Guide   Sat May 05, 2012 12:47 pm

Ran Online Levelling Guide
Levels 1-30*
1.When you are new in RAN Online… DO NOT CREATE A CHARACTER FIRST. Think which class you will choose.
2.Sacrifice your 20 Peso to Buy 20 EP Card and load up…Buy your (1Day) +7 {Class Weapon of Choice} which costs 5 EP and the HP Recovery Potion 100 PCS which costs 15 EP
3.Look for the Calendar in www.ranonline.com.ph and find the best schedule for x2/x3 EVENTS
4.Now Create your character and login.
5.When you are in the game… Try opening your inventory… you will see a (7HRS) Resu Training Roasry.This will help you level up becuase of its x2 EXP effect.(Note: if you keep begging to get gold from high level players… YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE which is your roasry will EXPIRE)
6.Dont Try to take the quests…. Leave it alone and do it later… The rosary’s duration is already active once you created your character.
7.Monsters to kill:
1-15 – Hooligans , Bandits
20-25 – Fencers , Street Junkies , Sluggers
25-30 – Slashers , JR. Brawlers , Brawlers , Maulers
Once Power leveling is over and you ran out of supplies…. you can see your gold high enough to buy scrolls and armors… try not to buy Freshmen and Sophomore Sets… ITS A WASTE OF GOLD… BUY THE JUNIOR SET INSTEAD… Now you can finish your quests peacefully and fast.
Levels 30-50*
If you did the steps from above quickly… I congratulate you ^_^ But if your rosary , 1 Day Weapon , and POTS are gone…. Here are the next steps:
Plan A:(Dont use this plan if there are no x2 EVENTS)
1.Continue Leveling in the area by Buying 1Day +7 EP Weapon (5 EP) and A 1HR Rosary (12 EP) or if your Loaded with cash… Try to buy a 5HR Rosary (37 EP) and more POTS (15 EP).Now buy NPC Armors next to add Defence.
2.Monsters to kill once you are ready to battle:
30-40 – Maulers , Crooks , Onslaughts , Punks , Renegades
40-50 – If you can beat ONSLAUGHTS fast enough… try completing the
“Heading Outside Campus Quest”
- Blood Drinkers , Swordee Ardee , Uncle Potato , Fiery Chiefs , Chickens , Cordys , Stray Dogs
Plan B:(Money maker guide)
1.Buy a 50 EP Card and load up….
2.Buy the business card 7Days (20 EP) and buy megaphone(20) (10 EP)… try to buy 3 sets of megaphone(20)
3.Go to Marktet Place (Channel 1 is the most common spot) and get first the 3 sets of megaphones.
4.Find a slot full of people and get the business card 7D quickly
5.Open a personal market and sell the 3 sets of megaphones at least 5,000-30,000 Gold Price and Wait.
6.If items are sold out… you can make at least 1m-2m. Now buy your weapon , armor , and supplies.
7.Proceed to Plan A
Levels 50-Above*
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Levelling Guide
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